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Agorize connects you with
a community of 5M talents,
17k schools & universities
and 300k startups & incubators worldwide.

Learn how our Idea and Innovation software can help you

the best talent worldwide

Attract, source & hire the best talents worldwide. Gamify your recruiting process & measure hard & soft skills.

#Recruitment #StudentChallenge #TalentEngagement

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agorize solution for innovation

your process, product & service

Source tomorrow’s technologies & uses. Collaborate with the best startups & Implement innovative solutions. Stay at the cutting edge & launch new markets.

#Innovation #StartupCollaboration #Hackathon

your team

Digitalize and bring agility. Train, engage, bring your team together. Grow skills & intrapreneurship.

#TeamBuilding #IntrapreneurshipChallenge #TalentManagement

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agorize solution for communication and marketing

to the right audience

Engage your communities. Co-create, reinvent your customers’ experience. Accelerate your time to market.

#Co-creation #TimeToMarket #CustomerEngagement

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more than....


talents & innovators

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Access a community of 5 million talents and innovators through our partnerships with 17,000 universities, 1,700 incubators, clusters and fairs worldwide.

Because Talent & Innovation
come from everywhere

Within your organisation

Mobilize your talents internally,
teams, management, customers, suppliers & partners.

Because bright ideas also lie
at the very heart of your organization

A digital & collaborative experience where talent and innovation meet

Deploy your project on a collaborative, multilingual and user-friendly platform, designed at your image. And embark on a participative & gamified experience, optimized to guarantee participation, quality deliverables and value creation.
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Agorize has organized 2,000+ Open Innovation challenges worldwide

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