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Intrapreneurship & Team Building

Transform your enterprise into an ecosystem of talent and innovation

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Stimulate the collective intellect of your organization through dynamic and cross-functional collaboration
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Foster new solutions that will boost your growth
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Engage collaborators around their purpose and vision for your company and give meaning to their actions

Reveal the true potential of your employees

Based on their function, your employees identify solutions or products that benefit your company. With an intrapreneurship or Team Building program, transform their ideas into concrete projects, involve them in the company strategy and grow a shared vision for the future.

Identify top talents at their full potential

Bring out the leaders of tomorrow based on their ideas for intrapreneurship projects. You can identify who will drive your company’s performance, and who is creative and capable to of finding the best market opportunities.

Reduce the delay of going-to-market with your products

Intrapreneurship programs accelerate the development and go-to-market of valuable solutions and projects thanks to cross-functional collaboration that spans the entire corporate ladder.

Instill a new dynamic in your employer brand and strategy

With internal innovation, you increase the adhesion of collabotors to the goals of your company by making them actors working towards future progress and change. You add purpose to their every-day tasks, and engage them sustainabily in the core of your business.

At stake is driving a culture of change and of co-designing a company's transformation a company's shift. This could take years if it is not driven by top management. With our challenge, we identified leaders that we never knew of and we were able to release a product in 9 months rather than the typical 2 year timeline. We grew connection to the strategie at PepsiCo by 23% and grew paid engagement by 7% compared to previous years.

Sachin Jain Global Talent Management Director @ PepsiCo

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Our solutions to engage with your teams

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Intrapraneurial Challenge & Team Building

Engage your talent and reveal immense innovation potential through a challenge that emphasizes your company culture:

  • Make your collaborators co-designers of corporate change
  • Engage your employees around the shared vision of your company
  • Retain your talent over the long run
  • Highlight and improve your employer brand internally and externally by making your employees your best ambassadors

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67% of students are attracted more by companies that have developed an intrapreneurship program, and 58% are motivated to integrate such programs once they are hired

Allianz/ Ifop, May 2019

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Challenge Driven Learning

Transform trainings into innovative upskilling:
  • Add value to your organization’s human capital and ensure that employees are prepared with the skills of tomorrow
  • Prevent talent shortages by active skills training
  • Make immediate use of the skills acquired by calling for projects related to the training program
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challenge driven blended learning

Globally, enterprises with upskilling programs observe strong corporate culture and engagemnt (60%), an increase in innovation, an acceleration of the digital transformation (51%) and growth in revenue (37%)

PWC Global CEO Survey, 2020

Mobilize your internal communities

Through an intrapreneurship or team building program

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Agorize comes from “Agora” and “Rise” and empowers companies and people from all over the world through Open innovation Challenges.

Learn more about  job4ukraine , our initiative to help refugees from Ukraine find a job in Europe.

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